AC Woes: A Tale of Unexpected Visitors

So, picture this: I'm sitting in my office, minding my own business, when suddenly, I start hearing these chirping sounds. But here's the kicker – they're coming from the air conditioner! Naturally, I freak out a bit because, I mean, who wants to harm birds, right? So, I refuse to switch on the AC, not wanting to be responsible for any bird-related mishaps. PETA should be proud of me honestly.

Anyway, I call our trusty office helper to come and investigate. He does his thing, checks out the AC from all angles (for real - gutsy guy even peeped inside the hole in the wall, I could never), and surprise, surprise – no birds in sight. The chirping mysteriously stops, so I cautiously switch on the AC, thinking maybe it's all good and it was. The AC was working, life was good and that was that.

Fast forward a few days, and guess what? The AC decides to call it quits completely. I'm talking about zero response, nada, zilch. At this point, I'm scratching my head, wondering what on earth could be the problem.

Turns out, a sneaky little (read: HUGE or in the office helpers words, 'babbar sher jitna') rat decided to make itself at home in our AC unit. Can you believe it? And to top it off, it went on a wild chewing spree, gnawing through the wiring like it was a gourmet meal or something. Talk about unexpected drama, gosh.

Cue the AC funeral procession – we had to wave goodbye to our faithful appliance and shell out for a replacement. Who knew office life could quite literally get so wild?


  • Haha, love the office antics.. and love the realness of the author! Makes it seem like there’s actually relatable people who work hard at the business that has now become one of my favourites.

  • OMG!

    Rubia usman
  • hahahahhaahhahahahahha


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