DIY Tips: How To Soften Linens At Home

Just when you thought your favourite linen pieces couldn't get any better, here's another reason to break them out: the more you wear linen, the softer and more luxurious it becomes. Sounds like the perfect A+ fabric, does it also do its own laundry?

Time to dive in and set up your own little home lab for some linen experiments. Don't worry, we're aiming for softness, not explosions (fingers crossed). By the end, you'll have linen clothes so dreamy, they'll feel like a hug for your skin.


Linen, like a fine French cheese, only gets better with age, gaining character and a softer touch over time. Hungry yet? Unlike fast fashion, linen stands the test of time; ready for years of sunny days and garden parties, never hiding in the closet. So, how do you get that irresistible softness? No need for a complicated essay here - simply wash, wear, and repeat. Opt for gentle machine cycles and air dry to keep your linens in top shape. Easy as pie!


You don't need a degree in fabric softening to master this next method. If you're handy with an iron, you're already halfway there. Ironing not only leaves your linen tops looking sharp but also works wonders in softening those flax fibres for a smoother, softer feel.

Just remember to give your clothes a light spritz with water before ironing, and for extra delicate pieces, use a pressing cloth on top.


Hold up. We're all familiar with vinegar as the tangy star of salt & vinegar chips – a guilty pleasure if there ever was one. But fabric softening? Believe it or not, it's a thing.

So, why is white vinegar a natural fabric softener? Well, it's a pro at busting through trapped detergent, sweat, and oils in your fabrics. Our tip? Add half a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine's final rinse cycle, alongside your regular detergent.

And for those worried about the smell, fear not. The vinegar scent vanishes completely in the wash, leaving you with nothing but clean, odour-free linen outfits.


Who knew the key to softer linens was hiding in your kitchen pantry all along? Enter baking soda, the unsung hero of natural fabric softening and a healthier alternative to synthetic softeners.

Despite its baking-centric name, baking soda's alkaline properties work wonders on all kinds of textiles. Its alkaline properties soften water, removing calcium buildup that can stiffen clothes. Add it to your wash to say goodbye to detergent and mineral residues. Simply dissolve half a cup in water, add to your cycle, skip detergent, and watch the magic happen.


Before diving into your DIY adventure, here's a friendly heads-up, like your mom reminding you about your passport before a fab holiday:

If you're planning to use baking soda or white vinegar in your wash cycle, it's smart to test it on an old piece of linen first. Better safe than sorry, right? And hey, these methods aren't just for softening linen clothing like pants, shirts, and dresses; they work wonders for linen sheets and tablecloths too. So, pamper all your linen favourites!

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