POV: Eid Szn at SAK (BM Edition)

Heyyyoo!! It’s Eid season at SAK, and let’s be real—anything and everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong. We’re all just hoping the universe cuts us some slack during this high-pressure time 🥲😭.

So, picture this: I walk into the quality room and it reeks of burning wires. The team brushes it off as just the smell of spray. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but two hours later, the stench was unbearable. Panic mode: ON. We can’t risk our entire production! Called the electrician ASAP, and of course, I was right. One of the sockets was heating up like crazy and was on the verge of giving up. Shoutout firefighter AT 👋🏻.

But wait, there's more! Our conference room AC decided to start leaking water—right next to all the wiring, of course. Cue another emergency call. Ring ring, get here ASAP, AC guy. We need you!

And just when we thought we were done with crises, our generator gave up. While we have backups for downstairs (don’t worry, your orders are our top priority), there was no UPS connection upstairs. So, Zarin and I were practically passing out from a heatstroke on Tuesday. Ring ring, UPS guy, we need you as well!

Despite all the chaos, we managed to pull through. Could all this have waited until July? Absolutely. But where’s the fun in that?

KUDOS to our amazing team who are at the top of their game, day in and day out. Not me crying happy tears every time I walk into a room full of new production ready for QC 🥹❤️

Honestly, nothing makes me happier than seeing racks and racks full of ready production. It’s EVERYTHING, especially during Eid season.

So, if you’ve made it this far, know that your Eid outfits are going to be dispatched super soon. TRUST ME, you’ll love them. And IF there’s any issue, you know I gotcha ❤️

BM (read: queen) AT signing out.

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